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Brewed & bottled in a sleepy village in Cambridge


Cambridge Craft Beer Co. all started in 2016 when our genius founder Nici decided to live more of a country life. Nici toyed with the idea of cooking food (a great chef), but beer was far more exciting. It also suits Nici's insatiable curiosity and scientific mind. A few well crafted experiments developed into some rather splendid brews, which were immediately very well appreciated by other villagers. One of these was Ollie, who has come on board to launch the Cambridge Craft Beer Co. It is quickly going from strength to strength, gaining momentum - demand is always outstripping supply - and we haven't even officially launched yet!

Our Beers

Our Seasonal



Summer Ale
Splendid Summer Ale

ABV 4.2%

This summer ale straddles the Atlantic to bring an alternative to the classic American pale ale. Combining German malts with citrusy American hops gives us a light bodied ale with subtle fruitiness. A splendid option all summer!

Pale Ale
Brilliant Pale Ale

ABV 4.6%

An English pale ale flavoured with hops bringing aromas of orange and grapefruit. The bitter tones are balanced with a touch of sweetness giving us a refreshing and brilliantly light-bodied pale ale suitable for warm summer evenings. NB: This is slightly cloudy due to wheat used for balance.

Fine & Steamy Lager

ABV 4.1%

A light and easy drinking lager brewed in the California Commons style. Simple and refreshing. Can be enjoyed both in the fresh spring evenings or in the oppressive mugginess of a hot summer’s day.

Meet our

Wonderful Team

We have only just begun, but already we feel that the team is, well, rather splendid. We will no doubt be expanding soon.



Genius Brew Monkey


Nici is a genius with a huge brain and an insatiable appetite to make great stuff. Luckily for all of us, that stuff, is beer. We all agree Nici's beer makes us very happy! While making the first batch, Nici was simultaneously creating visual effects for top secret Hollywood movies - how cool is that!


Chief Design Guru


Ollie has a passion for start-ups, branding, and all of those pretty graphics that make us buy stuff. Unsurprisingly (for anyone that knows him) the start-up that brings Ollie the biggest smile is the Cambridge Craft Beer Co. You can see other brands and design from Ollie here.

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Cut to the Chase

Where Can We Buy Some?


In the Hoops Pub

You can buy our Brilliant Pale Ale on tap in our local pub, the Hoops, for sale by the pint or half pint.

At home

We are now taking orders for the following:

• 330ml bottles @ £2.50 each

• 6 x 330ml bottle gift packs @ £15

• 5 litre mini kegs @ £15
(+£5 keg deposit for returnable keg)

We now have a rolling stock, and welcome all new and regular customers from our local area.

Beer Tailoring

We are thrilled to now offer our bespoke tailoring service – brewing a bespoke beer for you (because you're worth it), or for your extra special event. Importantly, you can be involved with the design and crafting of your specific beer. We can guide you or simply handle the entire process for you based on what we think matches your brief. Price on enquiry.

We also offer bespoke labels onto our stock beer which adds that personal touch at your special event. Price on enquiry.

Please email us here with any queries

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The Hoops

Launch Event 25th June

@The Hoops, Great EversdeN

We told you to be quick! The beer sold out in one hour, which was pretty good going village! Well done. We received truly amazing feedback - an offer of help from an experienced brewer (for free - amazing!) and were told by one happy chap that the Brilliant Pale Ale was "the best beer I have ever had". It doesn't get better than that.

Due to this feedback and more from others, we decided to brew a slightly modified version of our Brilliant Pale Ale as the Hoops new and exclusive beer, which is available on tap by the pint or half pint.

Cam Spice @ The Hoops